Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fairhope Schools' Future Discussed

Fairhope, Alabama. (


In the wake of the failure of the March 31st referendum,  Education Advisory Committee chairman Kerry Flowers presided over a town meeting last night about the future of public education in the Fairhope school feeder pattern.

Flowers said the city has spent over $2.5 million to supplement the 5 local Baldwin County schools, $350K/year of that to academics; the rest mostly "in-kind" to sports-related activities.

He emphasized the importance of developing a positive community school culture.

After economic consultant Dr. Semmon Chang gave a presentation about the effects the quality of public schools can have on the community as a whole, the crowd was broken down into 5 demographic groups to make suggestions about the way forward.

Chang's presentation emphasized how low Alabama and Baldwin county ranked in per-pupil funding -- and mentioned some ways to improve it.

Chang's presentation may be found on his website,

Results of the group discussions are to be announced at a later date.

Dr. Chang

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