Monday, May 25, 2015

Famous Fairhope War Hero Remembered

Fairhope, Alabama. (

E.B. Gaston ll

During one of his cemetery walk n' talks recently, local historian Donnie Barrett told visitors about  2nd Lt. Ernest Gaston ll and how the 20-year-old pilot died fighting the Nazis during WW ll.

Gaston was the son of the Single Tax Colony's founder, E. B. Gaston.

(video below)

Gaston ll, a P - 47 Thunderbolt pilot in the 53rd fighter squadron, 38th fighter group of the 9th Army-Air Force, was shot down over Sivry-courtry France on August 26th, 1944 -- about 3 months after the D-Day invasion in early June.

P 47 pilots of the 53rd squadron were also known as the Fighter Bomber Boys.

He had enlisted after graduating from the Marietta Johnson Organic School in 1939.

Gaston is still re known by citizens of Sivry for liberating their town -- and has his own monument nearby.

Colony cemetery gravesite
 Town citizens helped return his remains to Fairhope's Colony Cemetery on Oak St.

He was also remembered by many as the "prince royale" of Fairhope for being especially "handsome."

Sivry, France. Gaston's monument at right.

P 47 Thunderbolt

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Anonymous said...

Lt. "Barney" Gaston was actually the grandson of Fairhope's founder, E. B. Gaston. His father was Arthur Fairhope ("Spider") Gaston, the first of E.B. Gaston's children born in Fairhope.