Friday, May 29, 2015

Senator's Company Low Bidder Again

Fairhope, Alabama. (


Of the eight bidders who responded, State District 22 Senator Trip Pittman's company was again the lowest "responsible, responsive" bidder for a contract to remove storm debris in the event there is a hurricane, according to purchasing manager Dan Ames.

(video below)

Pittman Tractor Inc. was awarded the contract in 2012, with options to renew it yearly; last year he initially indicated he would not exercise the final year's renewal option, but changed his mind at the last minute and did so.

At last Tuesday's council work session, no list of all bidders or bid-amounts submitted were provided to the public or media, as is usually the case. Pittman's was said to be 18% higher than his 2012 winning bid.

The mayor, Finance Director, and Treasurer all signed off recommending approval; but the city council decided not to take immediate action.

Past performance and risks associated with larger companies who have may have many multi-state contracts to fulfill at the same time were also considerations. (Pittman tractor was the provider after hurricane Ivan; a company in Foley also bid.)

Councilman Burrell questioned the structure of the proposed contract itself: He thought renewal options excessively favored the contractor.
Dan Ames

"Why do we put ourselves in these positions ... ."

The mayor countered that if it were changed, the bid proposals may be higher to compensate.

In the past, a number of citizens have questioned the propriety of awarding elected officials government contracts, but the Ethics Commission has considered it -- and given its conditional approval.

Pittman lives in the Montrose community.

(FEMA reimburses the city for most, after a national disaster is declared.)


A number of media and citizens have noticed a trend recently of council work-sessions (beginning at 4;30)  are routinely running over into the actual council meeting (beginning 6PM) leaving no time for convenience breaks.

Sometimes the combined meetings run past 8PM, with no interruption.

Others are disappointed when items on the work session agenda they come specifically to see or comment about are never gotten to, because time runs out. 



Anonymous said...

Maybe that is what is wrong with Fairhope the good olé boy system

Anonymous said...

Maybe you get what you pay for, I am a firm believer in that. Do something right not cheap

Anonymous said...

the lack of transparncy and secrecy just makes people more suspicious.

Anonymous said...

the crazy alabama laws require taking the lowest........;

Anonymous said...

So. every town has one .......

Anonymous said...

What conversation are you in????? Makes no sense

Anonymous said...

I look at facts such as the library falling apart, drainage system all over fairhope , the BAY is a freaking mess ..Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

not every town, Fairhope is overkill with good ole boy half way done way of life. Look at some of these houses t is a joke

Anonymous said...

Prayer is the only answer.

Anonymous said...

wonder what the quid pro quo is ... ?

Anonymous said...

All of the old families here are relatd somehow ... a shadow goverment that rewards it's own.

Anonymous said...

I agree and they have no idea what the real world is like , status would be in the negative anywhere else.. As long as you work with and for family your fine hahahahahaahah Here they think they are sitting high but they are NOT outsiders see it for what it is GOOD OLE BOY good at nothing

Anonymous said...

I personally think that if you are in political office you should not have the opportunity to be in for the bid in the first place. That seems dishonest in my opinion