Monday, June 15, 2015

Building Maintenance Problems Worry Library Board

Fairhope, Alabama. (


East side of library
In anticipation of next year's budgeting process now getting underway, the city's Library Board is expected to bring concerns about building maintenance to the city council at a work session later this summer.                                                                              

The east side of the building is moldy in places and some of the 'stucco' (possibly simulated plastic material)  is coming off -- apparently due to water damage.

The main problems seem to occur where the roof is flat, which continues to leak to the inside at places as well.

(City Boards differ from advisory Committees; they have autonomy and independent fiduciary responsibilities (committees do not). Chapter 13 of the Code of Ordinances charges the Board with the "government and administration" of the library; click this link for its powers and duties. )


library aerial view
There is still some confusion about who is responsible for what type of maintenance: the Library Board which is charged with daily library operations and has its own yearly maintenance budget -- or the city itself, the owner of the building.

Generally, their current understanding is that the city is responsible for all "big" building maintenance (ie. roofing, exterior maintenance, air conditioning, etc.) and the Board for smaller interior things like carpet, window cleaning, light bulb changing, etc.

The Board hopes to get a clearer delineation of
 responsibility from the city council in time for the new budget year, beginning Oct 1st.

Martin Lanaux is currently the Board's Chairman.

(The  building opened in 2007 amid controversy concerning its cost and size: It was designed by WAV Architects and the Roberbs Corporation the general contractor. Some changes were made to the original roof design -- to reduce costs.)


library's upstairs leased space
Another issue the Board plans to bring to the council is the matter of Faulkner College's lease of some of the upstairs space for nursing classrooms: it expires later this year as well as all options to renew it.

The new John Borom building on the Faulkner campus was to have eliminated the need for classrooms at the library; there has been no official request to renew the lease yet.                                                                                         
The city council will have to decide to renew it, or allow the Library Board to use the space, perhaps  to move 'teen services' and some Internet computers upstairs.

Renewing the lease, but only on a year-to-year basis is an option being discussed as well.

 School St. side


Anonymous said...

What a huge time and money suck on the city. Thank you for another poorly done project WAV.

Anonymous said...

Flat roofs are not a good idea around here, to much rainfall.

Maybe they could install a garden up there with solar cells?