Monday, June 29, 2015

City Readies For Big Fireworks Crowd

Fairhope, Alabama. (
parking striping

Public Works and other personnel have been making-ready for the July 4th celebration which may bring record crowds, weather permitting.

Parking spaces have been re stripped (in early-morning when no one's there) and the stall-door on the lady's restroom has been repaired: the men's side is expected to be finished before the holiday as well.

New flowers were recently planted in flower beds, as well as the famous flower clock.

The remaining sunken sail boat in the pier marina is supposed to be removed by the holiday as well, according to mayor Kant.

It is so deep it's not visible from a distance.


pier parking
Back in the 1920s, the celebration was held at Burkel's Pavilion at Magnolia Beach -- just north of the American Legion building: there were jazz-band contests, airplane and boat races, boxing bouts and other activities for visitors who came over from Mobile on the bay boats of the time.  (photo below)

Charles Burkel was proprietor.

The 'Fairhope Melody Makers' band often played there, as late as the 1940s.

The building was eventually destroyed by fire, according to historians.

Burkel's pavilion

pier women's  side

men's not finished yet


Anonymous said...

Now, why can't all this be done for the tax paying citizens that live here year around?

Anonymous said...

Thank God the flower clock will be okay.

Anonymous said...

The vast herds of people from Mobile tramp on the flowers, throw litter all over the place. who needs it anyway?

Anonymous said...

God and Tim Kant!

Anonymous said...

you do not have the infuence the chamber of commerce and dwontown business owners have have on the city council. try gining them some $s for their campaigns.

Anonymous said...

With all the new commercial activites on the pier where will we park now?

Anonymous said...

Fairhope Times wins the award for the crankiest commenters. Happy Independence Day!

Publisher said...

Don't know about that ... check out sometimes ... .

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the above comment says Mobile people make the mess Fairhope is always a mess plus it smells and is covered in kudzu the so called park is never clean so that means it is the people that live here so lay the blame somewhere else I am sure you will come up with someone else to blame

Anonymous said...

You are never allowed to park down there during fire works.

Publisher said...

try to keep it as civil as possible here ...