Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another Senior City Employee Leaving

Fairhope, Alabama.


Scot Sligh
The Times has confirmed that Scot Sligh, the city's Electric Department's Manager since 2008, is leaving to become Riviera Utilities' chief engineer; his last day will be July 19th.

Riviera is a member of the AMEA electrical co-op, as is Fairhope; the company is owned by the city of Foley.

Sligh was Superintendent for city of Decatur's utility prior to moving to Fairhope in 2008; he worked for Alabama Power in Birmingham before then, where he met his wife Andi, also an engineer.

They have two children: Sarah and Nathan.

Sligh is credited with modernizing Fairhope's electrical distribution system by replacing aging transformers, overhead lines, wooden poles and other aging equipment -- like the departments new (2013) hybrid bucket truck.

Sligh is the third senior employee to leave so far this year: Greg Burroughs and Nancy Wilson retired earlier.

Applications for the position may still be made by contacting the Human Resources office.

The current pay range for the G - 31 position is from $71,236 to $113,978.

(After the city council hired a private firm (Evergreen) to conduct a 'compensation study' four years ago,  job classifications, pay grades and ranges for all employees were adopted for the first time in 2012.)


Anonymous said...

He is a good man, hate to see him go. If you were not born and raised here, you are never fully acceptable in the eyes of many old timers.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know Mr. Sligh, and don't know if he is the one in charge when power goes, but I must say this for our utilities - they are on the ball. Very seldom do you have a long wait when the power goes out.

Best of luck to you Mr. Sligh in your new endeavors.

Anonymous said...

He is the last of the famous band of brothers isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Good for him for getting out of fairhope . fairhope is closed minded and stuck in time in my opinion He will probably make more money somewhere else

Anonymous said...

Scott (you spelled his name incorrectly) is an amazing superintendent and his departmental employees hold him in the highest respect. Very knowledgeable and I hate to see him leave.