Thursday, July 30, 2015

Big Round of Election-year Roadpaving Planned

Fairhope, Alabama.


Mayor Kant told the Times' he will be proposing more road-paving projects in next year's budget, including some that were not completed during the last controversial round in 2012 -- as well as more "micro-surfacing."

Striping should be per the city's "safe streets" policy (formerly 'complete streets').

No dollar-figure was mentioned; but the last round amounted to about $2 million.

Heavy rainfall the last three years has been hard on asphalt, causing numerous cracks and pot holes which have to be repaired over and over again -- adding up to significant costs for materials and labor (especially).

Kant said he and superintendent Gilespie had been riding around deciding which are most in need; but citizens could make their own nominations to his office or the Public Works Department.

The city council has the final say-so though when they approve (or modify) -- his proposed budget (before Oct 1st).

Citizens could contact any one of them as well.


bumps to be smoothed
At last word, the long-delayed paving of Fairhope Ave from Bancroft Ave. downtown all the way out to Hwy 181 is expected to begin in the Fall: a roundabout at CR 13 (a county project) will not be begun until the next summer.

Largely paid for by federal and state grants, both of these projects have been mired in the usual political-wrangling over budgeting issues in Montgomery and Washington DC.

The Public Works department says it has gotten a few complaints about "bumps" in the new handicapped-friendly crosswalks it has been installing -- but assures they will all be eliminated when the new asphalt is finally laid down.


Anonymous said...

We needed street paving in many Fairhope neighborhoods instead of all the trees planted in the median of Fairhope Avenue. There are untended streets that are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Drive down Cliff drive one block from pier, the gutter and side are full of trash, always is. Others are the same. Tried to attached pic but unable.