Monday, July 20, 2015

Issues Arise At City's Personnel Board

Fairhope, Alabama.


Three members of the city's personnel board resigned recently for personal reasons according to HR director Pandora Heathcow: Judy Hale moved to Spanish Fort, attorney Clark Stankoski became a circuit court judge, and Wayne Griffin just "retired."

Remaining are Diane Thomas and Sherry Douglas; councilman Kevin Boone is the non-voting liaison.

The board cannot function without at least three members, according to enabling legislation.

Also, some confusion has arisen about the salary and compensation study update commissioned by the mayor and presented to the council last month by Thomas and Lorenzo Howard (a former PB member)-- and whether the full board ever voted on the final report; but there is apparently no connection to the resignations.

(The Times tried to get a copy of the report, but was denied access because if had not yet been formally approved by the board)

Howard, Heathcoe, Thomas

Heathcoe said that anyone interested in being on the committee should apply via the city clerks office or online.

Unlike most other city committees, this one performs a vital service: reviewing appeals of personnel decisions made by the Administration.  It also helps develop personnel policy, via recommendations to the city council.

Lorenzo Howard has indicated an interest is serving again, but has not yet applied.

Members receive no compensation. 

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