Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mayor Says Use RESTORE Money For Local Roads

Fairhope, Alabama.
Mayor Kant, center


At the end of their quarterly meeting Wednesday in Daphne, MPO Policy Board chairman Mayor Tim Kant proposed that the state's one-billion-dollar portion of BP RESTORE ACT fine-money be used for transportation projects -- and not just for debt reduction/servicing for the state's general fund -- as has been proposed by Governor Bentley.

Kant: "Everybody's been talking about the billion dollars ... if it has to go into the general fund ... hopefully it will go into transportation ... ."

"I personally believe ... at the end of the day ... providing jobs and generating development ... will provide more revenue for the state ... than just paying off interest debt ... as they are proposing."

"The state has major traffic issues ... that have to be addressed ... . Hopefully the message will get back to the highway department and the governor ... when they start making decisions about spending the (fine) money."

(The proposed settlement must still be approved by a federal court judge.)


Kant called it "imperative" the MPO's Technical Advisory Committee start work now to come up with potential uses for the money (road projects) "so we can submit them" on short notice.

He proposed combining revenue sources like the MPO, ALDOT, RESTORE ACT,  and local matching funds to expedite progress.

Major road projects like the widening Hwy 181 to four lanes through Fairhope are now on the "visionary list" (purple on map): there is no money to do them.


Anonymous said...

Won't happen. Bentley's already got it spent.

Anonymous said...

It's shameful that Montgomery is getting that money without any restrictions or commitments to the Gulf Coast.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why Birmingham and Pelham are even getting any of it.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, use some of the money to build more parking areas in downtown Fairhope to promote the merchants in this area. LOL! Like that is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I personally think Fairhope should show that they are trying to protect and rebuild the eco system . They want the money but pollute the water too!

Anonymous said...

I hope they kno wat they ar doing but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Our wimpy politicians need to man-up and do what has to be done -- raise the fuel tax a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Why is it shameful Montgomery is getting money? Fairhope did not have oil on their beach. Fairhope is selfish and blames everyone for everything Take care of your kudzu and mind your own biscuits