Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Pier Restaurant Opening Planned

Fairhope, Alabama.

The 'Shux' restauant on the pier expects to have a "soft" opening within two weeks, according to internet postings.

Until last Spring, the old 'Yardarm' occupied the building for many years; the new owners assumed the lease for the building for a minimum of $5,000/yr. (It could be higher based on annual gross receipts and CPI increases, but details are not made availble to the public)

25% of the annual gross for stall rentals at the adjacent marina are also to be paid to the city; that figure is not made public either.

The city's Harbor Board recently approved the installation of electric boat lifts there, on the south and west sides.


Anonymous said...

Will there be steak there or just fish . I can not eat fish.

Ladonna Drane said...

I do hope they will have steak or even a buffet, when I visit from Indiana a variety sure would be nice

Anonymous said...

So, we do not know if they pay the correct rent becasue no one is checking the yearly gross income?

Anonymous said...

The last restaurant was horrible