Saturday, July 11, 2015

Performing Arts Pavilion Completion Delayed

Fairhope, Alabama.


Faulkner State pavilion
The new $1.3 million performing arts pavilion originally scheduled for completion in late spring will not be completely ready until September, according to college sources.

A grand opening performance by the Baldwin Pops and other performers could be held in early October, in conjunction with the annual Grand Festival of Art.

The 850 square ft. pavilion designed by the local architectural firm Walcot, Adams and Vermille is designed with "maximum acoustics" to direct sound away from residential neighborhoods to the east; spectators will sit in the lawn space in front (lawn chairs).

Restrooms and other amenities adequate for up to 500 spectators are being constructed on the west side of the property as well.

Most events will be held on weekends when parking is not so much of an issue.

About half of the construction costs were provided by the State Board of Education; the rest by private donations from non profits like Impact 100, Center For Performing Arts and Single Tax Corporation -- and from other private individuals and companies.


Anonymous said...

Typical! Anything done in Fairhope is at least 6-months to a year behind schedule, even if this was done by Faulkner, still Fairhope.

Anonymous said...
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