Friday, July 3, 2015

Pier Restrooms Finally Completed

Fairhope, Alabama.

Fairhope pier restroom

A long process that began last year when visitors complained about their poor condition has been completed by the public works department with the grand opening of the new, improved men's restroom on the pier: the lady's side was finished last month.

Mayor Kant had set July 4th as the deadline for completing the project.

The men's side features amenities for better handicapped accessibility, but no stall door; the lady's has a stall door.

Both have outer doors that lock for privacy, however.

Air conditioning or other ventilation had been discussed but has not been installed so far.

Vandalism has been a major concern for restrooms at all city parks over the years; most of it is attributed to teen age boys doing waht they do.



Anonymous said...

the usual Juvenile delinqints from Mobile will have them torn up in no time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I woud hate to be the poor guy who has to clean tham up after it is all over ... disgusting.