Sunday, July 12, 2015

Recreation Committee Selects First Tennis Member

Fairhope, Alabama.

June Recreation Committee

The city's Recreation Committee has unanimously recommended Fairhope Tennis Association member  Mary Gamer* to fill a new vacancy on their committee over two others who had applied, one of them the wife of the current FTA president;  final approval by the city council is scheduled for Monday's council meeting.

(*spelling not yet verified)

After recent controversies concerning funding for new soccer and tennis facilities, some city council members lobbied for a tennis club representative (FTA) on the committee -- in fairness to offset the various other soccer, youth-baseball and swimming club-members/officers already there.

Van Saltz is state director of Dixie Youth Baseball, Bob Keyser a member (former financial officer) of Mobile Socccer Club, and Cathy Hudson a member of the swimming club.

As explained to the Times, since all of the private clubs are non-profit, tax-exempt corporations, no confict of interests occur under current state ethics laws.

Gamer, who lives in the Rock Creek neighborhood with husband John,  has also been active in soft ball activities, according to her application.

Members Bob Keyser and Charlie Langham cited her multiple sports  interest (lacking in the others) for supporting Gamer; Mike Ford cited her "objective" temperament.

Member Cathy Douglas was unanimously recommended for re-appointment as well.


blue lines for pickle ball courts
Ashley Bell, president of the Coastal Alabama Pickle Ball Club, asked that at least two of the proposed six new tennis courts be striped for his sport as well, which is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity he said.

Their courts are much smaller; two can be included within one tennis court using blue-colored line markings; some tennis players are objecting to new markings, he said.

There are already indoor courts at the Recreation Center but outdoor ones are needed as well, according to Bell.

Bell said the sport got its name from its inventor Mr. Pickle, not the condiment of the same name.


Meg Johnson
*Sherry Sullivan gave a progress report on the ever-changing proposals for six new tennis courts: a confusing scenario for bids for different surface-types and estimated maintenance costs were to already have been sought by now (July 8); but that has not happened yet as far as the Times knows.

* Heard a presentation from Meg Johnson proposing to hold baby-swimming lessons at the pool. Based upon past experience some members worried how the practice may be perceived by other pool-users.

*Heard a report form Bob Keyser about mergers an other changes to some of the local soccer clubs.

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Anonymous said...

I hope rules are posted on these new tennis courts. A number of high school kids have been run off courts because of a city hired tennis pro feels he has the right to control every court when he is only using a couple. Where does this money go for tennis lessons, back in the budget or in his pocket? I know youth baseball, football, softball, soccer all help pay for maintaining their fields, and most of the time will match money the city gives for redoing fence or even dirt when needed. Now how will the tennis people help if they want other types of courts?