Thursday, July 9, 2015

School Task Force Holds Organizational Meeting

Fairhope, Alabama.

Shannon Cauley

A committee appointed by the Baldwin County School Board to come up with recommendations about school funding issues held its first meeting tonight in the library of Robertsdale High School.

(video below)

School Board President Shannon Cauley opened the meeting; then turned it over to Terry Burkle of the Baldwin Education Coalition, who organized the meeting.

Terry Burkle
Burkle asked each member to introduce themselves to the the group; the members from Fairhope are:

*Vickie Bailey
*Kathy Stemenberg
*Kelly McGriff
*Cody Philips
*Tommy Faust Jr.

Phillips, who has severd as president of the Fairhope branch of the 'Common Sense Campaign' political organization (aka the Tea Party) said he hoped the group would "keep kids the #1 issue ... and try to come to an agreement about some sort of reforms to recommend ... as we move forward ."

A presentation was then given by 'Smart Work Ethics', a Fairhope-based consulting company specializing in improving personal communication skills and conflict resolution.

Lastly, members were assigned to groups where a chairman and co-chairman was to be elected for each group.

Another meeting will be held next week, same place and time.

Cody Phillips, center

Vickie Bailey, second from left

Kathy Stemenberg, center


Anonymous said...

Cody wants "reforms" eh? Ought to be interesting , the common core thing again.

Anonymous said...

Was Judge Roy there with Cody?