Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another Bus 'Transit Hub' Coming Downtown?

Fairhope, Al.


new transit hub here?
Another BRATS  transit hub similar to the one on Fairhope Ave. across from the Piggly Wiggly may be constructed off Church St. near the under-used parking garage  -- if adequate space can be found.

The project would be mostly-funded by grants from the Eastern Shore MPO, and will cost about $300,000.

Another possible location is east of the Museum of History, near the fountain; lack of parking space is a consideration there.                                                               
Similar hubs are being planned for Spanish Fort and Daphne; and small buses will one day circulate between the three cities, hopefully relieving some traffic congestion on the major highways. A connection to downtown Mobile is also expected.

An added feature being considered for Fairhope's are "golf carts" to shuttle visitors around town -- and to Faulkner College where parking is scare sometimes.

The size of the two proposed carts and whether insurance considerations would allow volunteers to operate them (or two new part-time employees hired) are matters still to be worked out.

existing hub

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