Monday, August 31, 2015

Controversial Tennis Complex Addition Bid Received

Fairhope, Al.

Stimpson Field tennis courts

Purchasing department manager Dan Ames opened the sole bid for constructing six new tennis courts at Stimpson Field; representatives from recreation and city engineering staff were present as well.

About two weeks ago it, was announced before a council meeting there would be two bidders; but  American Tennis Courts Inc. of Mobile, Al. was the only one submitting.


Three options were asked for by the bid request sent out by the city about a month ago and estimated yearly maintenance cost were also requested:

Ames reading bid.
Option 1:  All coated-asphalt surfaces: $496,450 (no maintenance needed)
Option 2:  All clay ("hydro-courts"): $463,990 ( $41,355/yr. maintenance)
Option 3:  Four coated-asphalt and two clay (hydro-courts*): $498,465  ($28,108/yr maintenance)

Prices for the asphalt ones includes a soft-surface coating; without that deduct $57,953 from option #1 and $28,108 from option #3.

All materials are provided by the contractor.

(* hydro-courts are of clay or similar porous materials with underground watering systems to prevent cracking. They also provide some cooling)


The original plan of a year ago was for 6 asphalt, but the Fairhope Tennis Association asked for as many hydro-courts as possible.

Another consideration is tournament play: high school, USTA sanctioned, etc. -- and the number of courts of "like surface" required by each.

Ames said after the city engineer (Jade Consulting) certifies it as conforming to specifications, it will be put on the city council's agenda for approval; having only one bidder may prove problematic.

 The addition will be located in the field south of the existing tennis clubhouse.

2 clay and 4 asphalt plan.


Anonymous said...

Duck !

Anonymous said...

I never understood why they are spending so much of our tax dollars to construct expensive facilities for private clubs like the tennis, soccer and dixie baseball while our roads and intersections and drainage are being so neglected.

can someone explain it all? i am new here.

Ladonna Drane said...

Something needs to be developed that has various activities so that all class of children would be able to play thus keeping less of a gap between races. If its within a building it could be used year round. Kids on the average don't get enough exercise and this in turn not only effects their weight but their Immune system and in some children when their systems are sluggish they also aren't stemulated well enough to learn keeping them at a lower academic level.

Anonymous said...

I personally get so tired of hearing about children's weight. Everything starts at home. When I was a kid we played outside for hours. Now all you see is kids on phones or watching movies or on video games. Exercise is free. Mcdonalds did not make you fat, you made yourself fat . It is all about choices and moderation. Processed foods and microwave meals are a lot more expensive than if you cook at home. It is just laziness and something to blame . The way your kid acts comes from home!!!!! END OF STORY

Anonymous said...

oh sure. longing for the good ole days ... they were not so good ... really sucked in a lot of ways ...

Anonymous said...

wow that is something you need to have council on . I'm sorry yours sucked. The point that I was making if you would read is that children are becoming obese because of lazy parents. Tennis courts will not help unless they are used and Fairhope has beautiful outdoors activities that are FREE because of year round great weather. Just another excuse to spend money on what a few people want, I not for one minute believe that it is about bridging races together. People bring races together and again a child learns from their parents!!!!

Anonymous said...

I see daily parents letting technology babysit their children. Parents too are so absorbed in facebook and instagram , pretending to be something they are not . In reality they just want people to think that their lives are great but in reality they should be teaching their kids and interacting not just a snapshot of them on the beach that is staged lol

Anonymous said...

whoops I meant counseling instead of council but indeed the person does need it