Sunday, August 2, 2015

Manley Soccer Complex Project Expanding

Fairhope, Alabama.

Manley Soccer complex

The city council has passed a resolution applying for a new federal grant to construct a (non-motorized) asphalt walking path around the perimeter of the Soccer Complex now under construction on Manley Rd/CR13.

The grant was announced in June and pre-application had to be made by July 31st for the city's "highest priority" trail project -- according to  Recreation Trails Program (RTP) stipulations.

The trail will cost an estimated $125K, but the grant is for only $100K with a 20% match; the city will have to come up with an additional $45K of its own money -- if it is ultimately approved by the governing state agency, ADECA.


Most of the extensive earth-moving work to level the playing fields (the project's most costly phase) appears to have been completed; the green mounds of dirt are topsoil to be re-used for the fields themselves.

Also, police say there has been some trouble with motorcycles and off-road vehicles damaging terrain on the construction site.

Completion should be in time for Spring tournaments.

proposed perimeter walking trail

original plan. cr 13 to left

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