Wednesday, August 26, 2015

'Scenic 98' Now Memorial Highway

Fairhope, Al.


Two signs have been erected designating Scenic Highway 98 through Montrose as a Blue Star Memorial Highway: a program started by the National Garden Club in the 1940s to honor service members fighting World War II.

A blue star displayed in homes at that time indicated a family member serving in the armed forces.

The Montrose Garden Club raised the $3,500 cost for the two signs; and plan flower gardens at their bases.


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Anonymous said...

We like it when people take initiative and raise funds privateley for their pet projects instead of coming to the government looking for tax handouts.

Anonymous said...

tax hand outs you say. These are representing people who fought for our country!!! you would not have money to pay taxes if it were not for these men and women. I would absolutely be ashamed of myself if I posted what you did!

Anonymous said...

do everything for YOU without lifting a finger!!!!

Anonymous said...

uh, i know i will be blasted for saying it but the truth is an absolute defense.

most veterans from before 1972 were drafted, had to go in and to war or face being jailed by the dreaded local draft board. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam.

on their 18th birthdays, all young men were required to sign up for a lottery based upon birth days of the year. selection made according to needs of the military.

i was assigned a low number, myself, all by chance balls blowing around in a big jar.

the draft was ended in 1972 the Nixon Administration and all volunteer force established.

personally, i think there needs to be some kind of national service program again now , give back to country instead of just taking.

Anonymous said...

with all that you just said as you lived through it. It is all the more reason that we should honor our veterans and all soldiers ( especially today as they go in at their own free will ) What a sacrifice , we should be honored to put up a memorial and flip the bill with tax dollars no questions!! As I said before this was not a pet project as the person said before. This was not selling girl scout cookies nor raising money for school uniforms . This is honoring the people that got us here today!