Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades Completed

Fairhope, Al.
sewage plant


Superintendent Dan McCrory said that the $10 million upgrade project begun in 2014 has been completed, except for some final adjustments.
After an engineering study in 2011, the previous city council approved  (Phase 1) upgrades necessary to comply with stricter ADEM (state environment agency) water quality standards; further upgrades (Phase 2,3) costing another $10 million may be need as well, depending on expected additional ADEM regulations.
expanded aerator

The plant can now handle 4 million gallons/day -- enough capacity for expected growth for the next 15 years according to CH2MHILL engineering; but, after that an entirely new plant will be needed, -- possibly on city property south of the airport. (see the Nov. 2011 video below)

(The pink "fuzzy filters" are an additional purification element.)


Since the upgrades make the plant the most efficient in the state, representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency and ADEM are expected to be on hand for a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony next month (?), according to the mayor.

UV building

In an unrelated matter, repairs to the adjacent drainage-gully from the super-rainstorm of April-May 2014 are to begin shortly as well.

The foundation of the UV (ultra violet light) building was damaged and the gully further-eroded; FEMA is to cover most of the cost. 

November 2011 video:


Anonymous said...

I can tell you about the ultra lights, as some of my son's friends shot them out about 20 years ago and it cost a mega fortune to replace.

Anonymous said...

It would have been better to spend a little more to move it to the airport so nothing aat all went into the bay.

Anonymous said...

There are acually some people living downstream of this in the gully strange.