Sunday, August 16, 2015

University Cancer Institute Moving?

Fairhope, Al.

UPDATE: August 25, 2014. The USA Mitchell Cancer Institute has announced plans for a $2.8 million, 9600 sq ft  clinic next to the courthouse.
Present location.


A reliable source at city hall told the Times' medical reporter the University of South Alabama may be re-locating its Mitchell Cancer Institute office from its current location on the northeast campus of Thomas Hospital to nearby, vacant land off of Fairhope Ave.  -- just west of the county courthouse.

Significant surveying activity has been observed in that area in recent weeks.

new clinic

(Update: The Times has been advised that some of the USA offices may be in the main hospital building: these are all early reports, but we are confident there is substance to them all. Check back for updates.)

According to a history-timeline on the USA website, the two entities merged in 2009: 

" USAMC hires private medical oncology group practicing at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center/Thomas Hospital in April 2009, thereby consolidating medical oncology services at USA-MCI."

New Fairhope Ave. location 


Anonymous said...

There is ample acreage available at the proposed location. It seems like a logical plan.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Corte's rack up again. I'm sure they got premium for that piece of property.