Thursday, September 3, 2015

City Still Has No "Sister'

Fairhope, Al.

Sister city committee

Two members of the city's sister city committee were all set to give a report about their trip to the S.C.'s annual convention in Minneapolis, MN.  -- but committee attendance was insufficient to hold an official meeting.

But, in answer to a Times' reporter's questions, they said that although no firm leads had been established there -- some good connections were made.

In response to the less-than-positive opinion of the state held by some internationally, one attending member commented that "at least we showed them we wore shoes."

The process to find a sister city could be a long one, she was advised.

Committee members are: Judy Culbreth, Tod Johnson, Ed Lamonte, Dee Dee Litaker, Dennis Sherin, Linda Speed, and Cynthia Wilson (according to the city's website data).. 


Attempts to contact cities of interest in Wales, Sweden and Bosnia have been unsuccessful so far: nothing was heard yet from the latest try to the mayor of the city of Dubrovnik.

(A number of the city's best-known family names originated in central Europe, from the great migration of the late 1800s to the 1920s.)


According to the committee chairman, this monthly meeting was originally scheduled for the previous week but was canceled by employee representative Sullivan to allow the council's representative to attend (who was out of town that day); but he did not make the subsequent meeting either (Jack Burrell).

(Publisher's Note: The Public was not given proper notice of the cancellation of the first meeting scheduled,  or the new meeting time/date, according to state open meeting laws: a frequent occurrence with the city's current administration. Also, the regularly scheduled Tree Committee meeting for the same week was similarly called off by its chairman, without proper legal notice.)


Anonymous said...

If they do not have time for the job they should not run for offfice. dock their pay if they do not show up for committee assignments, just like allother employees.

Anonymous said...

Did jack burell and Kant go to the convention too? how much did it cost us?