Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Distribution of 'Handbills' Now Regulated

Fairhope, Al.


The city council unanimously passed a new ordinance regulating the distribution of handbills in the city:  they can no longer be left in city parks or right of ways (sidewalks, streets) -- but may still be on private property with some restrictions, including:

1. No person shall throw, deposit, deliver or
    distribute any commercial or non
    commercial handbill in or upon private
    premises ...  except in the following manner:

-- By delivering directly into the possession of
    the inhabitant.

-- By leaving such handbill so that it is wrapped, folded, tied, or otherwise secured so that it will not
    be blown loose by the wind or other elements.

2. If a sign is posted ... no peddlers, no trespassing, agents, advertising, etc. ...  no handbills may be

3. The entity leaving the handbills must provide a contact number so citizens may choose to opt out
    and not have handbills delivered to their premises.


A police officer or other designated official may issues tickets: fines if convicted are from $250 to $500 for each offense.


The Gulf Coast Life handbill is the one city officials hear the most complaints about: contact information about how to opt out may be found on the publication itself (phone number and website).



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info. So sick of these.

Anonymous said...

Great job council and Mayor, as usual you do what you say.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so, remains to be seen.

They need to stop acting like nervous old women afraid to be criticised a little bit and start legislating -- get going on the numerous chronic real issues: serious drainage problems all over, horrific traffic congestion, bay pollution, preserving what is left of our heritage, saving locally-owned businesses from chain stores, runaway growth and suburban sprawl on the eastside, etc, etc ...

If they do not have time for the jobs they need to step aside and let someone else do it ....