Sunday, September 27, 2015

UPDATED: Fairhope First In Flower Show Contest

Fairhope, Al.


Saturday night, AIB awards

The city received two first place awards at the America in Bloom symposium over the weekend in Holland, Michigan: judges for the event visited the city early last Spring -- click.

(video at bottom)

The first award was for 'Best in Urban Forestry' of all participants; and the second 'Best in Population Category."

The Knoll Park Restoration project was specifically mentioned.

Mayor Kant said he first participated in the AIB event as mayor way back in 2002 but had been city horticulturist before then since 1983; Jennifer Fidler took over that job from him in recent years.

He encouraged other cites not to give up and to keep trying to get" elected officials" to put tree
preservation measures in place.

A total of 42 cities participated in the AIB program his year.


The city also won overall first place for its population division (16 - 20,000); some reasons cited were being a tree city for 40 years, having three certified arborists, tree protection laws in place, having a list of recommended understory and overstory trees, protection-flexibility for owners, and restitution for unlawful removal, among others.

The other cities in the final three were Madison, Kentucky and Fairview Park, Ohio.

Mayor Kant told the group one reason for participating in the event is to set an example for neighboring cited in the home states: "When we do the right thing ... neighbors see it ... want to too."

One of the hosts joked that Kant was renown there for having his priorities in order: "water the flowers today ... fix pot holes tomorrow."

America in Bloom, Llc. is a non-profit private corporation based  in Columbus Ohio.

(Community Affairs Director Sherry Sullivan accompanied the mayor and Ms. Fidler to the event, as chief photographer.)

Sullivan at right


Anonymous said...

Did we get anything for best flower clock?

Anonymous said...

yeah ,well I guess they do not know about all of the butchering that goes on to the live oaks and it is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Got that right - take care of the flowers before all else.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to see competition or maybe they do not grow kudzu

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Fairhope, proud to live and raise a family in such a great city. Keep up the good work. The employees should get a bonus for the awards they received.

Anonymous said...

To bad politicians always try to take credit for the hard work employees do. they have to put up with a lot of BS.