Saturday, September 26, 2015

Leaking Flat Roof Gets A Variance

Fairhope, Al.


107 North Ave.
The city's  Board of Adjustments granted a variance so that a leaking flat roof built in 1979 can be replaced by a higher pitched one; Barbara and Keith Mitchell represented 95-year-old owner Doris Mitchell who was unable to attended.

They said water has been collecting on the roof and leaking through causing termite damage: a recent settlement with their bonding company allows them to make the requested modifications.

The 30' maximum height for the R-2 zoned structure would not allow a steeper roof to help water drain off so they asked for a 3' height variance.

The new roof will be made of metal, with no skylights.

(This house is located below the bluff, northeast of the city's duck pond area.)


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