Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Senior Councilman Tries To End Tennis Project

Fairhope, Al.


Ford at far right
At Monday's work-session, councilman Mike Ford surprised some of his fellow councilors when he said it had already been been  decided to end the project to add six courts to the Stimpson Field tennis center because only one bid was received (too high): and the project would be resumed only after the Manley Road Soccer complex is completed.

Ford: "It's not in line with our thinking ... we decided to lay off it a while ... put all our resources into finishing the soccer fields ... we only want one project going at a time ... ."

Council members Brewer and Burrell almost simultaneously asked : "Who is we?"

Ford: "We was ... I guess ... me ... and the mayor ... (looking around room) ... ."

(Note: Per state open meetings laws, such decisions are usually made in a public forum if a quorum is present. The new 'serial' meeting laws also apply.)

Brewer asked why only "one project at a time" is possible now -- and not earlier in the year when the process was begun.

The mayor explained that since the bid came in way over what was put in this year's budget, the council would have to appropriate more money, or could go ahead and "just put it out" for bids again: "Its up to the council."


Jinright standing
City engineer Trey Jinright said three bid packages were picked up, but only one received back: "It was way out of line ... considerably more than what it should be."

Costs for site preparation (grading, drainage) were particularly high.

Jinright said he thought the requirement for the estimated one year cost of maintenance was too problematic for the bidding companies; that is why only one responded.

If the project is re-bid the bid specifications may need to be changed.


rejected plan
Ultimately, everyone thought the one bid should be rejected, but Brewer and Burrell did not want to end the process completely.

Burrell: "I want to think about it ... didn't know we were going to abandon the whole project."

Brewer: "I don't think we should do that ... should look at re-bidding it ... ."

Burrell agreed saying they "needed to find out why it came back so high."

Mayor Kant said he had included money in next year's budget proposal (FY 2016) for the project; but agreed "we need to talk about it some more."

He did not say how much more will be needed to complete the soccer project.

(Note: At the regular council meeting afterwards, the bid was officially rejected. councilmen Boone and Burrell were absent. (Burrell took part in the work session in a limited fashion electronically via skype: he was away on private business. Boone missed both due to illness.)

The issue may come up again at today's Recreation Committee meeting: 5:15 at the recreation center on Greeno Rd.


Anonymous said...

We need the tennis courts for our senior citizens who hurt to bad to play on the hard ones.

Joey Cain said...

What about the update to Volanta ballpark the all of this was moved in front of? The park is old and out dated. The money was there to reavate nothing ever got done so the grant had to be paid back. Come on city leaders get with it. We all say Fairhope is the best city but our ballpark is an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

The Fairhope youth baseball association has been put to the back of the line for over 7 years. They use their own money that they have raised to keep up the park even pay to get the field done, fence, tractor even dirt without much help. Almost everything that has been done has either been paid for 100 % or matched what the city has provided. I ask how much has the soccer, softball, tennis, frisbee golf, bikers,dog park, gardeners, swim team, football put in the pot? I would bet combined would not even come close to what FYB has done. Over 700 kids cramped on 5 fields that are not even the proper size. FYB could hold the world series but the facility can not handle the normal season. You can ask Jack Burrell he has coached in that league. Ask Sherry Sullivan how hard it was to host the last few tournaments we had have. Ask the volunteers that take care of the bathrooms, concession stand, press boxes, the very small meeting room, and do most of the repairs. There are even times we donate to city guys to do the fields because they were working on there own time to get things ready. It ashamed these children are always pushed to the back of the line.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow that is a lot of talk that said nothing.

Anonymous said...

so what you are saying is, "All I care about is me." Typical, You named a lot of groups but all you care about is what benefits you and that is baseball. Nice going

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like the proper procedure was followed. HE...and the MAYOR decided??? Really? WTF? Is this how things are decided in Fairhope? How does that work? He appears to be a joke. No vote here next go around. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

99.9% of all bids that only get one bid is usually thrown out. Mr Ford sometimes gets confused which is happening a lot more these last few years. He really is a good man but it may be time to throw in the towel.

Anonymous said...

If you recall to the above person about money not being raised . The dog park and fence was made by donations as well as hard work from the always hard working and admirable Dr. Teresa Marshall. This town would not have a Haven if it were not for her. Se is the one who made the Haven possible .

Anonymous said...

I think that the kids of Fairhope are never put on the back burner, The soccer field , the community center , tennis, baseball , football, parades, closing the bay for races, oh my goodness I could go on and on . I always see someone working on all things kids, you just want it all

Anonymous said...

No what I see is that everyone else wants it for free. Yes some money was raised for the dog park, but they sure complained about where they were given the spot. It's not just the baseball, just like the concession stand at Volante, it is used by football, soccer, and band events but it had to be rebuilt by 99% of donations. Yes the city did help with labor but if you want it done you better do it yourself. So if you want clay courts pony up, and don't forget about maintenance ask the Grand they had full time employees to take care of and could not maintain.

Anonymous said...

Ok lets get this straight, ALL not SOME money was raised for dog park. I am against the clay courts as I do not think that they are needed. However I get so sick and tired of people playing the KID card every time they want something. People who have kids that are grown have to flip the bill for something that does not benefit in any way. The projects such as dog park or shelter get absolutely nothing , so think about that. I have never received anything for free.(if by everybody you were referring to me) In fact my tax dollars benefit the kids . With that said ,Where does all of the money go to when I get kids at my door asking for donations? It is an ongoing thing , you can not go to the grocery store without a kid standing there asking for donation I am not against Volante but get your facts straight their are other people in this world . I am responding to this because you clearly only think about yourself so go raise money or do it yourself like the dog park and the garden club , yes all of the non kid groups that you care nothing about but are paying for all of this

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that you had 99 percent donations as I see daily the very kind hard working city gentlemen working and picking up all of the trash left by people from ball games. I have also seen
elderly men and women picking up litter from trash as they are going to dog parks These people keep it looking very nice..
You could get donations from some of the small local mom and pops or small insurance branches that have their banners tackily displayed but I am sure their kid is on a team or they would not be there. people only wants what benefits them and do not care about anything else

Anonymous said...

oh and about dog park of course people complained about location it is at the corner of a very busy street but thanks to donations a fence has been erected!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like someone struck a nerve. Good maybe their want be so much complaining on a blog, but concerned citizens will go to the work session and council meeting. Their are some very good people that are on the council and work for the city. Thank You for all you do

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha YESSSS , I agree . I met someone who is part owner in one of those insurance branches but she told me they own a company. I could not hold my laughter back, but yes ask them for donations since they are a company and I think they have or had a banner..... tooo funny

Anonymous said...

Thank you dog park people. Since you had to walk a little further to get inside your fense, you let you dog run loose and poop all over the park. You owe me for a pair of shoes. Hope your dog does not bite any of those kids, then you will owe for more than that.

Anonymous said...

first of all it is a FENCE ( al education) , There is NEVER dog poop around if it is it is inside the FENCE. It should not be there. There is more trash left from kids and parents and it is a nasty sight. I bet your house looks the same. As far as dogs biting kids , dogs are NOT OR NEVER in BASEBALL OR PARK AREA when a game is going , You just sound like a bitter unhappy individual . The elderly people and there are two in specific pick up trash every single morning at 6:00 am . I have also witnessed the city guys working tirelessly picking up after people. The litter e.g. wrappers , bottles and the such (human trash) Speak of what you know about otherwise go study you need it

Anonymous said...

oh and furthermore , I am sure you stepped in poop at your house. The garbage that I have seen from people, I would say it is a safe bet that it is was at your own house. Most dog owners are responsible and pick up poop even at their house.