Saturday, September 26, 2015

Woodlands Drainage Project Finally Underway

Fairhope, Al.


"Emergency" drainage repairs to The Woodlands and Plantation Pines neighborhoods on N. Greeno Rd. have begun -- mostly using federal disaster dollars made available after the April 29, 2014 super-rainstorm.

Those pictured are of repairs to drainage infrastructure located in a utility easement between the adjacent neighborhoods: other culverts and gullies will be improved/modified throughout both neighborhoods as well (clearing, grading, rip rap, etc.)

Contractor Ammons and Blackmon have a month to complete the job: total cost $300,568. The city's share of the NRCS grant will be 20%.

Storm water drainage (Fly Creek watershed) of the 1990s-designed subdivisions was only for a 25 year flood event; the new standards are for a 100 year event.

Looking south
The record setting 2014 floods surpassed both standards however, according to various media reports.

Engineer of record Scot Hutchinson (HMR Engineers) warned that even after completion, some of the low-lying homes may still get water on parts of their yards since they are in the flood plain.

[Hutchinson currently resides in the Woodlands neighborhood -- as did councilman Kevin Boone during the flood (though not affected directly himself)) : He said he has since moved away.]

Access road

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