Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Group Still Seeking Affordable House Insurance Rates

Fairhope, Alabama

last week

A  committee (clk) has been meeting monthly at the Fairhope Satellite Courthouse seeking ways to make homeowners insurance more affordable in the "coastal band" of counties affected most by hurricanes (wind damage).

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According to the group's discussion last week, it may be in partnership with other states along the Gulf and Atlantic seaboard, with participation by the federal government -- or Alabama could choose to go it alone with a "private model" backed by new state bond funds as was done in Florida several years ago.

It is not likely the federal government (multi-state band?) will be able to participate due to the usual gridlock in Washington, but at least one member has not given up on the possibility.

Governor Bentley appointed the committee earlier this year and tasked it with coming up with recommendations by December 31st, so that appropriate legislation may be prepared for the next session of the legislature.

Members include: Rep Joe Faust, Sen. Trip Pittman, Sen. Bill Hightower, Earl Jansen (co-chair), Dr. Lars Powell (co-chair), Charles Angell, Jack Burrell, Jerry Doughty, Michelle Kurtz, et al.

The group meets again tomorrow morning at 9AM; and Friday Oct. 23rd at at 10AM.

The public is invited to attend.


Anonymous said...

all insurance is nothing but a legal ponzi scheme ..

Anonymous said...

I never trust an insurance agent, we had a neighbor who was one and approached us @ 6:00 am while pulling out of our driveway about getting insurance W/ him .(soliciting) Not only was it rude but he never spoke to us after. Weird, desperate and down right creepy JUST MY OPINION

Anonymous said...

the insurance branch was farmers