Sunday, October 11, 2015

Short Term Rental Problem Returns

Fairhope, Alabama

Docked a previous Fly Creek location

Tomorrow, Brian Injaian will renew his year-long effort to operate a bed and breakfast business in his sailboat, but this time at the municipal pier marina instead of the city boat dock on Fly Creek.

A similar request was denied last Spring (click) by the Harbor Board because such a use did not conform with the terms of his slip lease; there were also zoning and licensing issues at that location.

Injaian wanted to operate a boat charter business as well, but did not have the proper license at that time.

One difference this time is that the pier marina is operated by 'Shux' restaurant owner Rick Gambino: the Harbor Board operates the one on Fly Creek.


Injaian at left
If not in a suitably-zoned area, housing rentals (boats too) are not allowed in the city for periods of less than 30 days; but city officials concede the ordinance is hard to enforce and it is being done in neighborhoods all over town.  A business license is needed too.

The "old VFW" building located on N.Mobile St. is one of the worst offenders, according to the police.

The website provides a service to connect with potential vacationing customers over the Internet -- but under the enforcement radar.

The issue is on the agenda for the council's work session beginning at 4:30PM.

Publishers note: Coincidentally, Gambino is scheduled to be at the same meeting to ask the laws be changed to allow his 'shux shuttles' to operate on the pier again.

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Brett Gambino said...

Just to clarify, with regard to the "Shux Shuttle no. 2": It is a larger cart that will never be, and was never intended to be, used on the pier. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Short term rentals are not my issue, mine are the ones renting out garage apts/etc in neighbor hoods not zoned for such.

Anonymous said...

The publisher of this blog must be a fool and an idiot.