Friday, October 2, 2015

Unusual Art/Fitness Studio Opens

Fairhope, Al.

Mosher with 'Vertical Silks' student

Fairhope native Megrez Mosher has opened 'Kudzu'  (click) an aerial fitness and "kinetic arts" studio in the historic 1938-constructed Masonic Lodge building at 265 Young Street owned by Dr. Lynn Yonge.

Their grand opening was last Sunday. (video at bottom)

Mosher describes using the 'aerial vines' as a "fun way to get in shape" and provide therapeutic spinal decompression, "release your inner child" -- and "positively impact your life  by opening new perspectives.

Various rooms of the 1500 sq. ft. lodge are available for rent -- for special instruction or events.

Space is also available for traditional artists downstairs: her brother, painter Cleveland Mosher, works there.

Regularly scheduled classes offered by Mosher and other instructors include: aerial yoga, circus circuit conditioning, teen aerial, restorative aerial yoga, and "silks" for the more advanced.

She has recently added the Lyra (steel aerial hoop) to her repertoire and offers instruction as well, by appointment.

Mosher says she plans to divide her time between Fairhope and Brooklyn, New York where she has similar interests as a trainer, aerial contortionist, performer in various circuses, and other activities.

She hopes to get her friends in New York involved in the Fairhope studio as well.

Lyra (hoop)
She is the daughter of Dean and Pagan Mosher; grand daughter of Craig and "Butch" Sheldon: all famous Fairhopers renown for creativity in the tradition of the town.

She graduated from Pacific College in Forest Grove, Oregon in 2008 with a degree in creative writing and co-authored a book with her father about Fairhope in 2013 (The Spirit of Fairhope) and another last year (Knee Deep in Fly Creek With Sheldon).

Shortly after graduation, she proudly says she "ran away and joined the circus" -- in the manner of grandfather Craig many years before.

She co-founded The 'Gowanus Circus' in New York City in 2013 on the canal of the same name. (click)

student training upstairs
Mosher setting up Lyra


Anonymous said...

Wonder where she got the haircut?

Ken's barbershop?

Anonymous said...

well it sure was not fairhope . Fairhope is so behind on what is in style.(my opinion) I love her hair . When we moved to fairhope I just shook my head on the haircuts (a lot of BAD CUTS) Her hair is great.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of what may happen if my inner child ever gets out.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Megrez. Wish you all the best of luck. Wished I still had some inner child left in this old body. Good luck.