Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Alabama Politicians Score Low For "Integrity"

Fairhope, Alabama 

Alabama state flag
A recent study by the Center For Public Integrity gave Alabama politicians an overall D+ for integrity, including an a F in two categories analyzed: Public Access to Information and Political Financing (clk).

The lack of an effective means to enforce public access laws and strangely-named PACS used to disguise campaign contributions were red-flagged as examples in the report.

The state ranked higher for 'Internal Auditing' and 'Executive Accountability' however (B+); 'Ethics Enforcement' agencies did a little better too, receiving a C-.

Things are not as bad as it looks a first glance though, since most other states did far worse.

(Most state laws and standards apply to local governments as well)


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried to navigate through the City of Fairhope's web page to find out anything? Almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of lower Alabama or Mississippi , two in the same ; backwards in my opinion

Anonymous said...

We definitely do have the ugliest state flag though. Who designed that thang?

Anonymous said...

To be successful in Al. ,Politicans need to become like our Mike Ford, and check there integrity at the door.

Anonymous said...

Pray for them to do the right thing.