Sunday, November 8, 2015

Updated: City Council Meeting Postponed

Fairhope, Alabama


 Update: Council president Burrell provided clarifications:
"Diana will be here for Thursday’s council meeting.  It’s Rich (and Kevin) that is not here on Thursday.  Diana, Rich and Kevin would have missed tonight, but Diana gets back Wednesday.
Rich left Nashville for his doctor visit (somewhere up north, Minnesota?).  Kevin left Nashville for Canada.  Diana left Nashville for Tuscaloosa.  Only the Mayor and I returned from Nashville (me on Friday night, and Mayor yesterday)."

Mondays regular council meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday because there would be no quorum: three members will be absent.

According to informed sources, only three are expected at Thursdays meeting because council member Brewer is away on work-related matters and Boone on a deer hunting trip.

The controversial 'Shux Shuttle' ordinance amendment has been pulled from the agenda because of their absence.

(The Mayor and all council members but Ford just got back from the National League of Cities annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee -- click. )

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