Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Library Board Discusses Changing Cell Phone Policy

Fairhope, Alabama

Dean left, Christenberry center

At its last meeting, the Board of Directors of the city library discussed changes to cell phone use being proposed by director Tamara Dean.

Dean said she had discussed it with library staff and wanted to change the current ban (put in place 8 - 10 years ago) to reflect "reality" and allow more  usage by patrons since everyone has a smart phone now and depends upon it for daily activities: She also thought allowing more liberal usage would increase patronage of the library as well.

Library Board members supported the current ban though (must go into lobby) -- and generally opposed any changes except possibly making designated areas inside where usage would be permitted (study rooms?).

The board decided to study the issue more before taking action.


*Approved other minor changes to the 65-page 'Library Policies and Procedures Manual'.

*Discussed damage caused by the lightning strike last July and why Board members were never
   informed of it.

*Discussed the status of the expiring Faulkner College lease for upstairs classrooms.
  (The school has requested renewal; but some council members want a higher rent)

*Discussed the financing of various building maintenance responsibilities (city or Library Board's)

*Heard that book-borrowing circulation figures were being mis-calculated and had to be significantly
  revised downward.

*Discussed chronic absences of chairman Martin Lenaux: Vice chairman Christenberry has been

*Discussed various personnel-related complaints received by Board members from library staff.

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