Wednesday, November 18, 2015

UPDATED: North Greeno Road Finally To Be Commercialized?

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: This item does NOT appear on the council meeting agenda for Monday, December 14th, but it could be added to it at the council's discretion. The Planning Commission has already approved it.


PUD proposed
A proposal that has been flying under-the-radar for several months by Fred Hayek to change his property's classification from low density residential zoning (R-1) to a mixed-use commercial planned unit development (PUD) could be approved as early as this Monday's council meeting. (Location is 848 N. Greeno Rd. across from Hancock Rd.)

If enacted,  it could bring an end to the decades-long battle to preserve the existing residential character of the city's entrance.

The project is to consist of four, two-story "residential-looking" buildings (35 ft in height) totaling 27,120 sq. ft., with 111 parking spaces and "connections" north-and-south -- possibly for a frontage road all along Greeno  now in the planning stages by the state (ALDOT).

Uses permitted in the new PUD will be for office, professional, retail, and food services -- in a yet-to-be finalized ratios.

Hayek property rezoning
The project's architect said Hayek hoped it would "set the bar high" for other similar re-zonings of adjacent properties along the highway.  

Several citizens spoke in favor (none against) or indicated approval from the audience, some of whom owned adjacent or nearby property.


After a brief discussion, the city's Planning and Zoning Commission overwhelmingly approved the measure at its regular November meeting, with only one dissenting vote (Fidler) on the grounds it did not comply with the city's current "village concept" comprehensive plan; and it may lead to the area looking like Mobile's Airport Boulevard someday.

Mayor Kant and councilman Ford, both members of the commission as well, voted for the change; but Kant seemed more cautious than the others voting for it.

area to become commercialized?
Kant observed that "traffic is the biggest issue there" and asked "if there would be turning lanes": He was told "traffic issues had not been addressed yet."

The mayor also sought assurances that the proposal would be "built as presented ... or will it change" -- and was told that Hayek intended to build as presented.

Judging by past-history, owners/developers will sell their projects after achieving new zoning status -- and the new ownership will petition the city council for significant changes to it years down down the road, according to "market" conditions.

(When asked about this prospect later, councilmen Ford and Burrell said there was nothing the current city council could do now to prevent future councils from enacting changes; Burrell indicated he was in favor of Hayek's proposal too. At a council work session later, Ford said he thought only "the market" should determine what gets built in the area.)

Designer answers questions


Anonymous said...

The publisher of this blog is afool and an idiot.

Anonymous said...

You know I have always found it to be true about people who bully are really speaking of their own downfalls and insecure thoughts of themselves so I am sorry you fell that way about yourself!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the Fairhope Times. Only way we hear half of what goes on in this town.

Anonymous said...

Someone may try to put lipstick on a pig but it is always a pig (aka Airport Blvd.)

Anonymous said...

That is not residential property out there. It is a taking by the tyranical government.

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This blog sucks a big one.

Anonymous said...

From the article, "Ford said he thought only "the market" should determine what gets built in the area."

If that is true, that is local government at its worst. Ford is elected to represent his constituents (i.e., the people of Fairhope) not the "market", which includes out-of-town (and state) developers. This type of representation does not bode well for Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a good project and needs to be approved so it can move forward.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the new comprehinsive plan? Think this will be part of it? Hope so. That area of Greeno Road north is NOT suitable for residential, no matter what the nay sayers say. Go out there and try to live!