Sunday, November 8, 2015

One Fly Creek Marina Lease Has Expired

Fairhope, Alabama

Chairman Riggs at right

At its last meeting (October), the city's Harbor Board heard that one of the leases for city property on Fly Creek held by Ed Wall's Eastern Shore Marine had expired (the one for the marina/boat slips) but it was expected to be extended by the city council until 2017 to coincide with the expiration of the other one he has for the 'boatyard' area.

Renewal of the '17 Turtles' one-year lease was also discussed and whether to change its terms; but it was not yet known if a renewal would be sought by the organization.  At one time adding a new public restroom was being considered for the canoe/kayak/charter rental business.

The city's new arrangement with Michael Francis for using his property on the north turn-around area was also discussed. The city now pays him $1K per month for the property; and he has agreed allow tie-downs for new bulkhead work and the wooden privacy fence on the northwest side to be extended northward as well, according to chairman Riggs. (Junk and trash has been allowed to accumulate there in the past)

Also, the lease for the main-pier marina now held by Rick Gambino  won't expire until 2022; and he has an option to renew that one for another 15 years then.


The Board also heard a report from Superintendent James Gilespie that repairs to some of the bulkheads and "digging out" the city's portion of the Fly Creek marina should start shortly: it is awaiting approval by the city council.

bulkheads to be repaired
The cost of the public works project won't exceed $50K; any additional work, like replacing pilings, will have to be a separate project.

The Board has about $70K to spend on maintenance this year (from the various rental receipts)

He said that after the slip rental rates were raised slightly last September,  two lessees chose not to renew but two more were gained for a net no-change; only one has not paid the increased rent due the city. (rates range from $35 -$50 per month for commercial and  $6/ft/month for others)


Brian Injain, who tried to establish his business at Fly Creek but was denied due to zoning restrictions, has re-applied for a franchise to use his sailboat to operate a 'Bed and Boat'/charter service at the pier marina instead.

The Board discussed it and gave him the go-ahead if all other state and local requirements are met: apparently there is a new issue with state taxes for anyone using space over state waters, on a square foot basis.

He has already been using the boat for short-term rentals similar to a standard Bed and Breakfast -- using the web service.


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