Sunday, November 29, 2015

"Treasured" Fairhope Trees Sought

Fairhope, Alabama

Tree Committee

The city's tree committee met recently and started making plans for Arbor Day,  February 28, 2016; citizens were urged to get in their nominations for the city's Treasured Tree program as soon as possible so they may be evaluated in time for the event -- when winners will be announced.

The Treasured Tree program is managed by the city and the Wisteria Garden Club (clk).



* State/Federal grants (Forestry Service/USDA) are available for brochures describing the beach "tree trail' to be put at the welcome center and at the Faulkner kiosk, as well as for new metal tags for the trees themselves. The city will have to replace some of the wooden sign holders.

* New methods for moistening the roots of the 1,200 seedlings to be distributed at Arbor Day (a "gel").

* Possible new ways to protect trees on state right of ways (like Hwy 98): ALDOT has sole authority now.

sick tree
* The declining health of a big, S. Section St. live oak tree on city property in front of the Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Committee Chairman Paul Fontenot said he has already asked one expert (Chris Francis) and intends to seek the opinion of two others: the compacted roots apparently do not have enough "space" -- and root-feeding is needed to save the tree.

 Installing a "tree well" may be an option as well.

(Fontenot's home is near the tree.)

The tree committee meets quarterly - or as needed.

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Anonymous said...

just a tiny guess of the "sick tree" ; do you think it could be of the dirt smothering the trunk? It is not helping matters and also the asphalt is not allowing enough water for a tree of that size. Dirt or mulch should not be against trunk it causes diseases and rot and also trees get nutrients from top roots as well and my knowledge is Oak trees in general are shallow rooted trees so basically the tree is being smothered