Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Harbor Board Wants Marina Cleaned Up

Fairhope, Alabama


Bob Riggs
Harbor Board Chairman Bob Riggs asked the city council to require Ed Wall, the owner of the Eastern Shore Marine boat yard on Fly Creek, to clean up the area as required in his lease for the property -- before the city council extends it for another two years.

The lease is being extended to coincide with another one that expires in 2017 (marina area on the west side) -- and must be signed by January 1st.  (New bidders for both properties could be sought in 2017.)

Riggs said the area is messy and cluttered with trash and junk and is an eyesore for the many visiting boaters who dock there, especially so-called loopers -- recreational boaters who stop here while transiting  the "Great Loop" from the Great Lakes area (click), down the eastern seaboard and eventually up the Mississippi River to their starting point.

Other requirements such as installing fencing around the property have not been met either.

Riggs said the city's portion of the marina is in need of better care too and proposed a one-time joint effort to get the whole area up to speed before the new lease contract is signed: then it is to be maintained in that "present condition."

The city council decided to postpone approval of the lease extension until its next meeting (Dec 28th) to allow time for the cleanup.

photo 2
All of the revenue from both leases is supposed to be re-invested into the marina by the Harbor Board, according to Riggs; but he has been unable to determine the exact amount received by the city last year ($3,000/mo or 6% of the gross for the boatyard, whichever is higher).

The new lease requires proof of yearly gross income for the first time, it has always been based on the "honor system."

All photos (except #2) were those provided by Riggs to the city council as examples. Photo 2 is private property on the north end.

leased boatyard area


Anonymous said...

If he has not been folowing his lease it should not be renewed.

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Mike Ford's friends and relations do not have to follow the rules .....

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a lot of the trash in the pictures is on the city's property.

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This blog suxs...