Saturday, December 12, 2015

"New Bank" And Retail Store Plan Approved

Fairhope, Alabama


The planning commission approved a site plan for a "new bank" building with two adjacent spaces for un-named retail stores; previous legal documents indicate it will be a Tuscoloosa-based 'Capstone Bank' branch.

The new building will be in the parking lot south of McDonald's on Greeno Rd. and will have additional landscaping.

The city council will have to approve the plan as well. 


Anonymous said...

So the "new bank" building is going to be built in front of the old Food World building, not replacing it? Seems like a new bank & 2 retail spaces is going to make that space very crowded.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame they can't do more with the existing old Food World building (esp. where Goodwill used to be) instead of building a new bank w/2 retail spaces. Just seems like that area is going to be very crowded.

Anonymous said...

There is already well enough retail space here already and banks too. Why do we keep approving more4 and more?