Thursday, December 31, 2015

Plan 'B' For Fairhope Beach Erosion Issues

Fairhope, Alabama


December 2015
Since the results of replenishing sand to a stretch of Magnolia Beach about a year and a half ago at a cost of about $70K proved disappointing, the city council contracted with Scot Douglas' South Coast Engineers Llc. (clk) to develop a management/repair plan for all of the city's beaches.

(It was hoped the sand deposited there would migrate with the seasonal currents and self-replenish, but that never happened quite as expected.)

Federal and state grants will provide half of the $30K cost for the "study and report on Fairhope beach erosion and remedies."
February 2015

"The primary goal is to enhance and protect the sandy public beaches and associated bay areas.  (Plan) will include desired design ... and a formal monitoring program to measure future changes.

Three issues to be addressed are: vegetation plans; re nourishment decision-intervals; and potential for new sand-retention structures ... ." (click on 'attachment A' below right for details)

A "living shoreline" was once proposed for the area south of the pier  (click), but never funded by the city council (BP oil spill money was applied for but never approved).

attachment 'A"
The short wooden stairway down to the water washes away almost every winter.

(Scientists have determined the water level of the bay is rising about 4 millimeters per year -- click)

June 2014 sand replenishment

2013 photo
Dec. 2015 north of main pier
Dec. 2015 south of pier

Feb. 2015 photo


Ritchie Prince said...

The Grand Hotel rectified its erosion issue by creating two beaches separated by a sort of "Y" shaped rock formation. It is on the north beach at the Grand Hotel. Certainly Commissioner Burrell is familiar with the project at the Hotel.

Anonymous said...

The latest of a long list of badley mismanaged projects in the Fairhope tradition.