Saturday, December 26, 2015

Police Crack Down On Illegal House Rentals

Fairhope, Alabama


'Old VFW'  601 N. Mobile St.
The Fairhope police department has been conducting undercover sting operations aimed at curbing the proliferation of illegal, short-term rentals in the city's residentially-zoned  neighborhoods: those leased for less than thirty days.

Many of them are hard to detect and fly under-the-radar, advertising on websites such as  -- click.

Chief Joe Petties said at least three stings have been conducted so far, one a chronic offender located at 601 N. Mobile street (the "old VFW" house) -- where neighbors have been complaining about traffic and noise for several years.

Undercover police officers rented the property for several days for a little under $5,000 -- and charged the owner Margaret Hildick-Pytte (who lives in Mosman Park on the west coast of Australia) and her local rental-manager in municipal court on Dec. 2nd for the violation.

Judge Haymes Snedeker imposed some fines and the owners had to repay the city its money, according to Petties.

More such stings are being planned for elsewhere in town.


In an un-related issue. the request by Accommodations Afloat for a franchise to conduct overnight rentals of a sailboat docked at the main pier's marina was discussed also by the city council, but tabled when it was learned the city still has not received necessary paperwork from the applicant, Brian Injaian.

Councilman Boone said that since Ingaian has apparently been operating there anyway without permission, he was inclined not to grant the franchise.

General superintendent James Gillespie said that the marina's manager had been replaced recently: "The guy who was letting him do that (operate w/o permission) isn't there anymore ... been replaced."

'Shux' restaurant owner Rick Gambino is responsible for overall operation of the marina.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to bad leadership we are becoming just another tacky tourist town only bent on making money.

Anonymous said...

did the cops bash the door in with a battering room like they do on the crack dealers on "COPS" ? that so cool, the city is a ripoff to its citizenry,they make money on every aspect of your life there. sales tax, business "privilege"tax,licenses,tow charges,garbage pickup,utility surcharges,did i leave anything out?

Anonymous said...

Good work FPD. Make the cheaters pay up ....

Anonymous said...

It is a ridiculous law. If I own the property, and to rent it out for a week, I should be allowed. Fascist old Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

How about these people that have little garage/cottages that are rented out on a long term, BUT they are only listed as a single residency (not a B&B). I know someone turned in one of our former council members for renting out a garage apt. Something needs to be done about that too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the second person but you left out price of insurance

Anonymous said...

I have only known fairhope existed in the past ten yrs and yes my opinion of it is tacky typical tourist town that is very disappointing when you visit