Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Some Library Board Members' Terms Expired

Fairhope, Alabama

Nov. Library Board meeting

The Times has learned that several. current Library Board members' terms have expired (including its chairman) and will have to be renewed by the city council -- or the council may choose to replace them with someone else; the December Board meeting has been canceled.

Anyone interested may apply to the city clerk:


At its last meeting in November, chairman Martin Lenaux explained his frequent absences this year were caused by his being out of town due to a serious illness in his family.

(This meeting was already underway when the Times' reporter arrived, about three minutes before the scheduled time -- another violation of state public meeting laws -- clk.)


2nd floor leased by FS
*The city's (the landlord) expired lease for the second floor with Faulkner State College was discussed, but no one knew its present status: the Board had wanted it for library expansion, possibly the juvenile department.

The college has requested the lease be renewed.

The possibility of the Board renting the space itself was mentioned, but no one knew the cost (including utilities).

The Times subsequently learned from the mayor that the city council will likely renew the lease as-is for another three-year term at the same rate:  $36,000/yr including utilities.

*Changes to cell phone usage policy were discussed again.


missing tile
Several members privately complain they are not being properly informed about such matters -- and consulted before the chairman makes decisions.

There are also some disgruntled personnel issues there -- and at least one member feels Giddens meeting room rental policies and procedures are not being properly followed.

Chronic maintenance issues plague the building as well: a tile at the front entrance has been missing for over two years.

The building itself is owned by the city, but the Library Board operates it and is authorized to seek additional public funding (grants) as well as other private funding/donations.

Additionally, the city will contribute $814,000 this year for salaries and other misc. operating/maintenance expenses.

Until about two months ago, circulation figures for traditional books were being mis-counted as well (too high).

(Non-profit  corporations the 'Fairhope Library Foundation' (clk) and 'Friends of the Library' raise some money for the library.)

The library operates under the Alabama Library Service  (clk) -- and the Board is authorized by Alabama Law Code: 11 - 90 - 3.

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We quit going in there because we got tired of listening to the teenagers gossip on their phones all over the building.