Thursday, January 7, 2016

City Gets Colony Nature Park Back

Fairhope, Alabama

Colony Nature Park

At the last council meeting, the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation turned the deed for their Colony Nature Park on Twin Beech Rd. (at CR13) back over to the city; the city council passed a resolution of acceptance.
  The city had the deed at one time, but agreed several years ago to turn it over to the FSTC so that the property could be subdivided and the boy scout lodge then-located behind the Methodist Church downtown could be moved to part of the property facing CR13.

The plan was for the city to immediately assume the deed again, but FSTC "politics" got in the way according to Lee Turner, reportedly about suspicions concerning the city's plans for the property.

Turner asked that the FSTC be consulted first before "anything gets built there" (like a new sewage treatment plant, he said) and got assurances from the mayor that would happen.
Turner standing

Since most of the property is wetlands, usage of the property is limited; at one time moving the Frisbee golf course there was being discussed by the Recreation Board to make way for two new baseball fields and other improvements to Volanta Park.

No other plans have been mentioned publicly, other than to maintain it as a nature park: the city's public works department is now responsible for maintenance.

The mayor has mentioned a need for another playground/splash pad on the east side of town as well, no specific location mentioned though.

(The possibility of a new sewage treatment plant has been mentioned for property the city already owns south of the airport, when the need arises.)

Scout lodge at left


Anonymous said...

this would be the perfect dog park!!! The one that exist now is the worst that I have ever been to!! We have lived all over and I have visit some pretty awesome ones . Fairhope is dog friendly so they claim but I have yet to see it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Volanta has had the same amount of fields for the last 10 to 15 years as the amount of kids have grown from 350 to close to 700 kids. It is time to upgrade the park like every town in Baldwin county has. It is ashame that Foley, Daphne, Robertsdale, gulfshores, orange beach, loxley,Bay minette and even Stapleton has a nicer ball park then Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

oh boo hoo, what about the baseball fields by the school ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me Volanta has a ton of fields and do not welcome anyone unless you play baseball . Calm down I think you have plenty! This whole town is nothing but baseball or soccer. Think about other people and quit being selfish

Unknown said...

This is such a beautiful place. The peace and tranquility of the open land is truly a gift to our town! I am so thankful it is here as a place for Self-centering and just to take a moment for yourself.