Monday, January 4, 2016

Updated: Comprehensive Growth Plan Update Completed?

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: Planning Director Smith says the new comp. plan will be taken up at a joint meeting with the city council in February. View it here:

"preferred" plan
The Times has learned that the updated Comprehensive Growth Plan literally years in the making has finally been completed and, although not specifically listed on the agenda, could be presented to the Planning Commission for approval as early as its meeting tonight in the city council chamber. at 5PM. (we are trying to verify this, check back here for updates)

A team of planners assembled by Thomson Engineering assisted city staff with the update; and with several raucous town hall public meetings and private ones with financial "stakeholders."

An updated storm water management plan will also be presented (unrelated to the first item).

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Anonymous said...

The same old story. It looks like the mayor tried to sneak it through under the radar but got caught this time.