Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Council Approves Sports Purchase; Passes on Education Study

Fairhope, Alabama


At its last meeting, the city council voted to purchase 70 new EZ GO golf carts for the Quail Creek course at a cost of $304K but decided not to approve $80K for a study of education choices facing the city.

Even though funding was not included in this year's budget, Councilman Burrell argued purchasing the carts would save money in the long run vs. continuing to lease them for the $55K per year that was budgeted for.

Simultaneously, new bids were being solicited for six new tennis courts at Stimpson Field: basically the same as were sought late last year but without estimated maintenance costs included this time.

Three optional combinations of asphalt and clay courts are being solicited. The lone bid of $550K received last Fall was considered too high; about $350K is budgeted.


Burrell said he would not want to spend more than $50k on an education study and mayor Kant was to re-negotiate with consultant Faron Holinger (Akribos) on the matter to see how/if reductions could be made.

Kant added he needed more direction from the council on just what should be included in the study: it was suggested he meet with EAC chairman Flowers to iron that out.

After the vote, EAC member Hill Robinson lambasted the council for what he saw as a lack of foresight concerning coming school budget shortfalls -- and for excessive spending on sports-related activities.  (video below)

Baldwin school superintendent Tyler and some local principals also attended: Tyler continued his "better together" theme and offered again to work with the city to achieve its own educational goals.

He again mentioned his support for a special tax district if the city chose to pursue that route.


Anonymous said...

This shows us just where priorities lay in this town.

Unknown said...

Duffers over Education? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Instead of another study, put 80000 toward another teacher or two. They already had a study showing it would cost citizens and city millions in taxes to have there own system. Work together and fix the problem. The city has given over 1 million the last few years. What should city leaders do shut down golf course to spend more money on studies. The citizens voted no already on more tax, that is not hard to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Fairhope, what a waste . Baseball fields and golf carts. YEEE HAAA showing your intelligence

Anonymous said...

"He again mentioned his support for a special tax district if the city chose to pursue that route."