Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fairhope's Congressman Holds Town Hall Meeting

Fairhope, Alabama

Magnolia Springs


Congressman Bradley Byrne held a town hall meeting in Magnolia Springs yesterday and answered questions for about an hour and a half:

Some of his responses were:

* He applies "common sense and Baldwin family values" as the basis for every vote he makes.

* Sees the lack of adequate mental health care (especially) hospitals) as a cause of excessive gun violence/shootings. 

* The country must give foreign aid and be involved overseas to prevent global problems from coming here (ie. terrorism).

* Most of the complaints he gets are about the Veterans Administration: He has decided it would be better to issue cards and let veterans seek health care from private local providers instead of VA clinics.

* Is co-sponsoring a bill to allow military personnel to carry sidearms while off duty.

* Repeal 'Obamacare' but have a transition period for those already on it until a patient-centered replacement can be implemented.

* Said he favored "all of the above" when talking about energy sources, but no subsidies -- such as for ethanol production.

* Favors block granting large entitlements like Medicaid and letting states run them as a way to control spending (subject to yearly appropriation votes).

* Favors continuing to build Littoral combat vessels in both Mobile and Wisconsin (Speaker of the House Ryan's district).

* Did not express interest in running for the Senate someday: only praised the job Senator Shelby is doing currently.

Byrne is competing for re-election in the March Republican primary against his old nemesis, Dean Young.

(He added he was worried about getting back to Washington Monday because of the snow storm.)

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