Saturday, January 30, 2016

FBI Meets Fairhope High School Students

Fairhope, Alabama

Chief Petties center


Agents from the FBI and Treasury Department along with Fairhope police taught about 20 ninth and tenth graders the proper way to deal with encounters with law enforcement should they arise.

(video below)

Laskey right
Conceived last summer as a proactive effort by the FBI in the wake of a string of deadly shooting incidents such as in Ferguson, Missouri "to educate youth about how to deal with police and in turn let police know how they feel about them": the seminars began in Mobile county last year.

Special agent in charge Robert Laskey conducted the seminar and emphasized the importance of cooperating with police and de-escalating the situation to prevent a potential life-and-death situation from developing.

Laskey used one student volunteer to demonstrate why police often use loud,  offensive-sounding tones of voice to take charge of situations and ensure compliance -- and another student to demonstrate when "deadly force" may be called for ("reasonable use").

He said sometimes under the severe situational-stress, officers may momentarily forget their training and make serious mistakes; another reason it would be prudent for suspects and civilians present to cooperate.

He showed a video where an officer mistakenly pulled his gun instead of a taser, strapped on his other side.

US Mobile-district attorney Brown stressed however that his office does prosecute police officers as well when the force they use is unreasonable -- or they violate a citizen's civil rights.

traffic stop hazards demonstrated

After a question and answer session inside, the students broke into groups for various mock scenarios such as traffic stops and domestic violence calls: a Fairhope police officer demonstrated just how scary and dangerous traffic stops can be for law enforcement (guns pulled).


Another goal of the session was just the interaction with police and for both sides to "get to know one another better" as people.

Some students at first expressed fear of "the cops" but as the day went on both sides became more relaxed and amicable towards one another.

The event was held at the FOP  shooting range on CR13 near Manley Road..

US District Attorney Brown

Agent Laskey


Anonymous said...

Police do act like NAZIS some times.

Anonymous said...

These kind of comments make me mad Respect your law enforcement , there are a lot of good people that protect your butt everyday!!!!