Saturday, January 2, 2016

More Blighted Fairhope Properties Removed

Fairhope, Alabama


761 Northrup before demolition
The city's building official continues the removal of neighborhood eyesores around town; an abandoned house at 761 Northrup Ave. (south of the hospital)  was the latest -- and another one on the same street could be next (if the owner does not make repairs).

Still another on S. Scenic 98  is being scrutinized as well, according to department sources.

Sometimes the ownership of such properties is hard to determine; after demolition, a lien is placed on the property itself by the city attorney to recover the demo-costs.

761 Northrup after demolition

Next Northrup Ave. demo?


Ford's house 8477 Fairhope Ave.
A small home in a highly-visible location at the corner of Bishop Rd. and Fairhope Ave. is drawing criticism to the Times from citizens as well: This one is actually owned by long-time city councilman and realtor Mike Ford -- who uses the back rooms for storage and his son Patrick lives in the front part.

The house, 8477 Fairhope Ave.,  is outside of the city limits and the property un-zoned.

Some neighbors worry about reduced property values and others the embarrassment to the city having such a run-down structure adjacent to the county's satellite courthouse and intermediate school.

Councilman Ford
In 2008, when questioned about it by his election opponent Phil Brady, Ford told the media he planned to build a law office there for one of his sons after he graduated law school; but recently, when a Times reporter questioned why that was never done, Ford replied vaguely that he was only responding to political accusations at that time (2008); he did not mention his current plans for the property -- or why not annex it into the city and pay city property taxes to set an example for other citizens (get zoning too).

Mayor Kant told the Times he thought Ford wanted to hold on to it so he could leave it to one of his his daughters some day; and councilman Burrell speculated that maybe Ford could not afford to clean/fix up the property now because of the great expense of caring for his sick wife.

A Times inquiry to county commissioner Chris Elliot about the possibility of the county acquiring and fixing up the property has so-far received no reply.
8477 Fairhope Ave.

County tax records show the property's total appraised value as only $104,700, $17,200 of that for the building.

(If you know of more blighted properties around town tell us about them in the comments section or contact us privately

Patrick J. Ford


Anonymous said...

Take a look at the blighted property on the southwest corner of Boothe and Nichols.

Anonymous said...

How long does it take to graduate from law school these days anyway?

Anonymous said...

There are some on Twin Beeech road in bad shape.

Joe said...

Sounds like too many busy bodies to me. Not everyone can have houses that look like those in Rock Creek. Some have it tougher than others and do the best they can. I imagine it's the transplants that are the ones complaining. I've live here almost 40 years and don't see a problem.

Anonymous said...

Joe must live in a trailer park and used to all the trash and junk.

Anonymous said...

Hey those transplants are what pays the bills. Consider them doing you a favor before you end up ion the show hoarders. The guy in bottom picture looks like a winner haha

Joe said...

I've lived a number of years in a trailer park, Mr. Anything wrong with that? I figure if a man wants to have a messy yard, that's his business. People need to mind there own business more in this town. A man should be able to do what ever he wants on his own property. Now, there is the subject of being good neighbors and trying to do right by them. But if he doesn't have the money to fix the place up, then maybe the community could help him out since they are the ones so concerned about it.

Anonymous said...

I am not the one that commented about trailer park, BUT, I do not care where you live keep it clean!!! We lived in Fairfield sub and had a disgusting neighbor or should I say two as the one across the street was just as bad and I had to look at it every day! Did not cut grass and when they did blew it in street. If you have neighbors you should respect them and keep your place up. It just brings property values down and people notice all of it when looking to buy a home.

Anonymous said...

if he is to poor to fix it up maybe he could move it down on Young street for the poor people to live in .

Anonymous said...

Wow , the mentality of fairhope scares me. Most people in fairhope are in debt up to their a?? How else do you explain the number of banks in such a tiny town! All of these people driving around in their big suv that is leased or huge car debt just for status (in their mind) I just laugh and drive my paid for car.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter what size house you have just keep it clean ! Respact your surroundings and others! We had neighbors in Fairfield sub that were horrible . The houses are VERY CLOSE together! Our neighbors would cut their grasss once a month. (all weeds) We all know in Fairhope you need to cut at least once a week. I guess some people did not grow up with manners! It does not matter how much you make or how much your house cost. People are people and their are a lot of nasty disrespectful people out there!

Anonymous said...

I meant there instead of their in above comment. Before I get grammar checks out there

Anonymous said...

Take a look at 54 Morphy Ave