Friday, January 22, 2016

New Plan Approved For 'Bicycle Building' Project

Fairhope, Alabama

New Plan


At its January meeting, the planning commission approved a modified site plan for the new Moore Building at 152 Section St. across from city hall that permits the entire first floor to be used for commercial businesses and the second for residential.

The mixed-use 4781 sq. ft. building (3250 commercial) will include off street parking in a three car garage.
old building restored

The original 1940s-vintage Schwinn bicycle shop building on the north side has already been reconditioned/preserved: a new real estate business is locating there, according to a sign.

The new plan differs from the one approved in 2014 (click) that would have been mostly-residential on both the first and second floors; no reason was given for the change -- initiated by the owners -- other than some objections were raised at that time about too much residential capacity being approved in the downtown central business district (vs. commercial).

Joan and Robert Moore of Two Moore Llc. are the owners; the city council must still approve the new site plan.

Old 2014 plan

new floor plan

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Anonymous said...

Why is it that things "change" over a period of years? The plans were approved for one thing and now they are commencing to build under the assumption they will be approved. Just like the trees in Daphne, maybe we'll just slip it in an nobody will notice.