Thursday, January 21, 2016

Woodlands/Plantation Pines Issues Continue

Fairhope, Alabama


 Plantation Pines mudslide damage

Questions have arisen about the design of the NRCS emergency drainage project in the Plantations Pines/Woodlands neighborhoods after recent heavy rains caused damage to the new channel in places where the banks not stabilized by stones collapsed.

The project was initiated at the request of homeowners and sponsored by the city (which has a sewer line in the area) when a disaster was declared after the April 29, 2014 super-rainstorm -- and federal grants became available for repair and mitigation of future events.

Also, some residents question why a last-minute addition to the north end of the project in the Woodlands neighborhood was completely stabilized by rocks on both sides of the channel.  

Woodlands Extension


In response to complaints by The Woodlands resident Charles Moore at the Sept. 28th council meeting, the city council approved a change order at their Oct. 26th meeting extending the project about another 100 ft north to Woodlands Dr. -- even though the engineer of record Scot Hutchinson said in his opinion it was not really necessary and he was not certain at that time if the city would be reimbursed for the cost -- or whether the extension would qualify for federal funding at all.

Hutchinson said the problem at that end was really the under-sized culvert (old design standards) and alterations to the channel immediately up-stream would have to real effect on the flow of water, or the problematic back up (eddying) onto adjoining property.

The engineer of record (Hutchinson) would have had to to sign off on (stamp) the need for the extension in order for reimbursement, according to the mayor, but the Times has not been able to determine if that ever happened.

culvert too small?


A backhoe was working this week to clear the channel in the Plantation Pines neighborhood, but it is unclear who is paying for it since the entire project is on private property, owned by adjacent home owners who are responsible for the long term maintenance: one of them wondered if some of the extra rocks that may not be needed downstream could be used to stabilize his bank instead.

Long term maintenance of drainage infrastructures are a major issue for neighborhoods all over town.

Plantation Pines

Plantation Pines after repairs


Sewer manhole


Anonymous said...

When will they address the problems in other parts of the town like River Mill subdivision?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Spock would ask the logical question: if the engineer said it was not needed ... why then did they do it?