Friday, February 26, 2016

Fairhope Planning Commission Approves Growth Plan Update

Fairhope, Alabama

Baker standing

Planning Commission at left

Updated: The Times has learned that city council approval is not needed: the updated plan went into affect when adopted by the Planning Commission on this date.

After a two hour presentation by Christopher Baker formerly of Thompson Engineering, the city's Planning and Zoning Commission voted to accept the modified "preferred plan" and recommend its adoption by the city council.  (Baker has since taken a job in Phoenix, Arizona)

The new plan is a modification of the original 2001 village concept plan based upon data derived from town hall and other meetings in 2013-14 -- and envisions additional commercial nodes in outlying areas and other changes as well as new implementation strategies.

Baker emphasized frequently that village concepts are common throughout the nation but are much harder to bring about than most others types -- and that in Alabama comprehensive plans themselves are strictly non-binding by state law: must be backed up by appropriate administrative policies and legislation (given teeth) to be effective.

Forming a new city committee ("task force") and hiring more planning staff were among Baker's recommendations for successful implementation.

The  un-zoned areas east and south of town also represent a major obstacle to implementation, but could be addressed via more aggressive annexation strategies -- and incentives like tax and fee abatements for compliant village-type design projects:  conditions for connecting to city utilities could also be applied as incentives ( a "stick").

The mayor and all council members present (Burrell, Mueller, Boone, Brewer) also indicated preliminary support for the modified plan; all but Mr. Ford agreed it would need "more teeth" to work.

Ford said he supported it as well but thought the opposite, that it should not be made mandatory.

Click here to view the proposed plan.


Anonymous said...

OK? Which plan did they except and how does a common person even understand what they are trying to say.

Publisher said...

Good questions: see it for yourself here ...

Anonymous said...

I've followed that link, but after reading it for 45 minutes, still can't understand what they are saying.

Anonymous said...

Is N. Greeno Road going to be rezoned up to Hwy 104?

Publisher said...

No. The 'preferred plan' keeps it residential but allows some flexibility under certain circumstances... .

Anonymous said...

Well Emperor Kant is at again.Those of us in the east areas DO NOT WANT the city's influence future crammed down our throats.Even now the city Police Dept will not respond to accidents past 181 yet the city limits sign has been moved further east in a now TAXED based city in violation of the single tax charter.This so called village concept has reduced the road width to dangerous levels and sets forth clear and present danger to the general public in their daily travels.Just measure the width in most areas of down town.
One can't even dig in their own yard due to a dirt abatement rule requiring a $25.00 permit were as NO inspection occurs.
We'll see you at the polls on Tue.

Anonymous said...

See what I mean?

We should end the free handouts to those arrogant people outside of city limits who brag they get all services (recreation, police and fire, etc) real Fairhopers do anyway ... so why would they want to annex in (and pay full property taxes and help manage growth)?

Greed is not good.

"Ask not what your city can do for you ... but what you can do for your city!"

Anonymous said...

Well that sux for the people that live there and can't sell their property because no one wants to live on a 4-lane highway. Some of these people have had the property there when Greeno was a gravel and considered in the country. Now it is a 4-lane highway and NO ONE wants to live there, but yet they can't sell it for commercial. Maybe they should invite all the council to spend the night out there for one night.

Anonymous said...

its done all over the country, living on four lanes . see in Mobile, Pensacola, etc.

Anonymous said...

And all over the country property values are lowered and residents who can't sell live in agony! All so a few can impose their will on others, and always at the others expense.

Anonymous said...

Get ready taxpayers of Fairhope to spend millions as was done to keep people out of jail on the Triangle property. From the trailer park to the church are all banded together.