Friday, February 12, 2016

Updated: More Fairhope History Falls To Wrecking Ball

Fairhope, Alabama


(Updated with corrections.)
Before ... .

A familiar house on S. Section Street across from Greers grocery constructed by merchant A.P. Minnich about1912 that appears in many old city photos surrounded by orange/satsuma trees is now being demolished to make way for a new commercial mixed-use project.  (video at bottom)

The fruit was killed by the big freeze of Winter, 1924.

It has been vacant for several years now, but was used as a lawyer's office for a while in the 1990s.

The property is owned by Patrick T. McDonald, according to online county land records -- and is zoned B-2.

The city council has a new ordinance prepared by the Historical Committee before it now to set up a framework so that more grants and tax breaks may be applied for by property owners for preservation, but has so-far failed to act in the face of the usual stiff opposition behind the scenes from the local realtor/development industry.


ca. 1920


Anonymous said...

Why is this allow3ed to happen?

Anonymous said...

I'm all for historic preservation but, if the building has been vacant, let the owner due with it as they see fit. Otherwise, if you want to preserve it, BUY IT. Or come up with a committee that will.

Preston McMillan said...

Wake up are destroying yourself....

Textide said...

Why is this butchery allowed to continue? Fairhope will soon be just another strip mall suburb.

Anonymous said...

I lived on Minnich Dr in the mid 1990's, before they tore down the old post office. Fairhope was growing, but still smaller, it was so special back then.

Jugheadjones said...

Ahh. The poor raccoons and possums have no place to live now. Bad bad people!

Anonymous said...

Quit hatin' on the coons n' possums ... they need some luv to!

Anonymous said...

The house looked better than a lot of the newly built pieces of crap that are being erected as of late!!! (past 10 yrs)